Miles Prosser

Secretary General

Miles heads up the Institute and is the key spokesperson. In addition to overall co-ordination of the IAI work program and governance issues, he also manages the work program of the Communications & Promotions Committee.

T: +44 20 7389 3820

M: +44 7719 568659

Pernelle Nunez

Deputy Secretary General / Director – Sustainability

Pernelle is responsible for the Institute’s broad sustainability work program. In addition to being a spokesperson for the IAI, Pernelle manages the Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Pathways Working Group and Environment and Energy Committee.

T: +44 20 7389 3822

M: +44 7795 083268

Marlen Bertram

Director – Scenarios & Forecasts

Marlen is responsible for IAI’s material flow analysis, including the Alucycle visualization and develops scenarios and forecasts for the industry. Marlen also manages work related to aluminium recycling and greenhouse gas modelling.

T: +49 6195 9779 447

Nadine Faldo

Manager – Finance & Statistical Reporting

Nadine is responsible for the IAI's Statistical Reporting of global primary aluminium and alumina production. Her role involves collecting and sharing our monthly stats with members, collaborators and stakeholders.
She is also responsible for the Institute's day-to-day financial and accounting needs, as well as our annual audit.

T: +44 20 7389 3827

Carl Firman

Program Manager – Sustainability (Bauxite & Alumina)

Carl is responsible for the Bauxite & Alumina Committee and sustainability projects focussing on environmental and social impacts related to bauxite mining and alumina refining.

T: +44 7586 632777

Paul Marsh

Health, Safety & Environment Program Manager

Paul is responsible for the Health Committee and Safety Working Group at the Institute. This includes managing a broad range of issues related to occupational, community & environmental health & safety, as well as engagement with regulatory issues including emissions and chemicals management, materials handling and transport.

T: +44 20 7389 3826

Adisa Amanor-Wilks

Communications Lead

Adisa is responsible for developing and implementing communication strategies to help promote the sustainable development of the aluminium industry and to raise awareness of aluminium’s unique and valuable properties.

T: +44 7553 505101

Elisa Sapienza

Administrative Assistant

Elisa supports the Institute and the Secretariat in maintaining central admin, office management, health and safety, and meeting organisation.

T: +44 20 7389 3823

Linlin Wu

Manager – Environment, Statistics & Standards

Lin is responsible for statistical analysis and environmental impact information. She manages the Life Cycle Impact and Life Cycle Assessment data collection and analysis. Her work also focusses on sustainable development of the industry. Lin is a key liaison with our members and industry collaborators who are based in China.

T: +44 20 7389 3828

Mykolas Vainauskas

Research & Project Officer

Mykolas assists the Institute's work across all Committees. He conducts in-house research and focusses on sustainability projects including decarbonisation initiatives and greenhouse gas emissions.