Acre in Conversation with Pernelle Nunez: Why are women integral for driving sustainable change in the mining industry?

As part of the WIM 100 Initiative, led by Women In Mining UK (WIM UK), Acre sat down with our Deputy Secretary General and Director of Sustainability, Pernelle Nunez, to explore her experiences as a woman in the mining industry and the impactful sustainability work that is being done in the sector.

In the interview, Pernelle said: “Being a woman entering such a male-dominated industry can be a daunting prospect, but my biggest piece of advice to women considering a career in mining is to remember that your voice is important and that people are there to listen. Imposter syndrome is something that we all struggle with at some point in our lives, but remember that people aren’t there to catch you out, and the potential impact you can have is endless.

The WIM 100 Initiative, started by Women in Mining UK and ongoing for over a decade, aims to highlight the wealth of female talent within the global mining industry, celebrate women’s “above and beyond” contributions to the industry, and identify role models for future generations.

As part of this biennial event, Acre is speaking to senior women in sustainability in the mining industry to discuss the challenges of their work and celebrate the positive impact they are having.

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