IAI marks golden anniversary with a reflection on the past and a drive to shape a better tomorrow

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) is marking the 50th anniversary of its founding and its role in representing the global primary aluminium industry on a sustainable journey. As part of the celebrations, the IAI will put the spotlight on the industry’s people, products and defining moments to share the milestones and challenges of the last 50 years, while looking ahead to the future. 

The IAI was established in 1972 to primarily foster industry collaboration with a focus on collecting and publishing statistical data – and this remains one of the IAI’s core priorities. During the past 50 years, the IAI has been a leading voice for the aluminium industry, providing solid statistical data, which is widely acknowledged as credible and robust with statistical and analytical expertise, honed over several decades. 

Miles Prosser, Secretary General of the IAI said: “celebrating 50 years is a unique opportunity to look back into our past and forward to the future. The evolution of our association reflects that of our industry too. As the world’s population continues to grow, one thing is certain that the aluminium industry will continue to have a vital role to play in transport, aviation, packaging, infrastructure, and energy. Aluminium is one of the most used metals in the world and has the potential to stay that way for the next fifty years and more.” 

As part of the celebrations, the IAI has lined up a series of activities to showcase the growth of the industry and the opportunities that lie ahead. 

From January, the Institute will put a spotlight on 50 people who have contributed significantly to the aluminium industry, 50 products that demonstrate the importance and versatility of the metal while also showcasing 50 key moments that have shaped the industry and metal. 

The 50 People feature will run throughout 2022 and will celebrate the resilience, diversity and ingenuity of individuals (past and present) who have made the aluminium industry what it is today. Individuals can nominate themselves or colleagues via a dedicated page set up by the IAI. 

Similarly, the 50 Moments, will focus on key events that have defined the sector. The IAI is seeking suggestions by March 31, 2022. These can be submitted here. 

In the last 50 years, aluminium has become a material with almost unlimited uses across various industries including food and drink, construction, transportation, aerospace and domestic goods. 

As the institute looks to the future – one that is driven by consumers’ growing appetite for environmentally friendly solutions in transport, infrastructure, energy and food security, the IAI understands the challenges ahead. 

Aluminium contributes more than 1.1 billion tonnes of CO2 emissions annually, and while the drive to reduce this is a complex challenge, the IAI sees this as an opportunity to drive change and for the sector to lead by example in shaping a better tomorrow. 

Mr Prosser added: “Many aluminium producers are already pioneering solutions that reduce their environmental footprint without compromising product quality. Aluminium companies are developing technologies such as inert anode electrolysis; as well as broad-scale investment in technologies around the world.  

“At the IAI, we are focused on fostering collaborative partnerships that enable such innovations to be trialled and tested. Part of our role is to raise awareness of these success stories and their positive impact, and to engage with suppliers, customers, governments and other stakeholders so that the adoption of these technologies is as quick and efficient as possible.” 

Find out more about IAI’s 50th anniversary celebrations on the website.