IAI celebrates women’s achievements as an integral part of its commitment to equality and inclusion 

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) is proud to recognise and celebrate women across the aluminium industry through a communication campaign that reflects IAI’s commitment to fostering diversity, equality and inclusion. 

IAI has gathered the perspectives of 10 women in its member companies and the Institute itself, who share how they got into the sector, what they most enjoy about it, what they perceive as barriers to other women joining the industry, and their role models.  

Under the tagline “Inspire Inclusion”, this series of interviews is being published on the IAI website and its LinkedIn feed, with the aim of raising awareness of women’s valuable contribution to the sector, fostering empowerment and belonging, and inspiring others to consider a career in aluminium. Powerful comments from these interviews have also been selected for visual “quote cards” for social media. 

The articles include women in different roles, spanning various geographies and member companies. 

One of the interviewees, Pernelle Nunez, Deputy Secretary General and Director of Sustainability at IAI, said: “Aluminium is everywhere, but I feel for many people outside the industry, it’s not something that is particularly well known, so I enjoy telling people more about the industry.  It’s also got great sustainability ambitions, which means it has a bright future. Working for an industry that produces a material that can enable solutions to some major societal challenges is exciting.”  

The Q&A sessions highlighted recurring themes of empowerment and mentorship, and outlined positive experiences shared by women across a male-dominated industry. These stories serve as inspiration for others and underscore our dedication to building a workplace that values and supports the contributions of all.  

In addition, on March 6th, IAI organised a Women in Aluminium Breakfast Meeting in London, that united women dedicated to promoting sustainability within the aluminium sector. The event provided a platform for participants to share their experiences and insights. 

Women in Aluminium is a forum aimed at giving women in the aluminium industry an opportunity for informal networking as they build and navigate their careers. 

Ms Nunez emphasised the importance of creating a supportive network for women within the industry, hence the new IAI initiative.  

“IAI remains committed to fostering a culture of equality and inclusion, recognising that celebrating women’s achievements is not just an event but an integral part of an ongoing commitment to creating a diverse and supportive workplace,” Ms Nunez added. 

Read their stories throughout this week on our website and on LinkedIn.