1.5 Degrees Scenario: A Model To Drive Emissions Reduction

IAI models 1.5-degree decarbonisation scenario in a bid to drive greater emissions reductions

This scenario will guide and inform what industry does – much is currently happening.

The International Aluminium Institute (IAI) has modelled a 1.5 Degree Scenario to guide its member’s efforts to meet global climate goals. The modelling is based on IEA’s Net-Zero by 2050 scenario, combined with the IAI’s material flow analysis and future demand scenarios.

This scenario is the most ambitious decarbonisation approach and complements existing work which includes: detailed historical emissions, business as usual scenario (BAU) to 2050 and a ‘Beyond 2 Degrees Scenario (B2DS).

Both the 1.5 Degree Scenario and B2DS are consistent with the Paris agreement