Environmental Metrics Report – 2010 Data

This report delivers Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) results for the worldwide aluminium industry, using 2010 data.

The LCIA phase of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is the evaluation of potential environmental and human impacts of environmental resource uses and releases by an industrial process or processes, identified during the Life Cycle Inventory.

The objective of the current report is to evaluate the significance of potential environmental impacts based on LCI flow results against a defined set of impact categories, which can be tracked over time. The system boundary has been expanded from the 2013 publication, to include the environmental impacts of background processes, such as electricity and ancillary materials production. The intended target audience comprises aluminium industry participants, customers and non-industry stakeholders.

This report underwent a Critical Review to ensure that the methods used to carry out the LCA are consistent with the International Standard and are scientifically and technically valid. That the study is transparent and consistent and that the data used is appropriate and reasonable within the remit of the study, and the interpretations reflect the limitations identified and the goal of the study.