Climate Change Adaptations to Safeguard Aluminium Industry Workers and their Communities

This report summarises the main anticipated health effects due to climate change and the associated adaptation measures to reduce impacts.

The future effects of climate change on the sector’s sustainability are set to increase in both scope and magnitude. One of the most consequential effects will be the impact of climate change on the health of aluminium sector workers and their communities. Climate change is already affecting human health and is likely to take a sizable health-related toll in decades to come. Notably, the human health impacts of climate change will be most severe in many of the same regions where the aluminium industry is most active.

Climate change and human health risks are ubiquitous across the aluminium sector and related communities. Since a reliable labour force is essential to the operation and profitability of the industry, these risks need to be well managed.

The adaptation measures covered in this report are aimed at both the private and public sectors to reduce impacts on workers, communities, and businesses.

Report prepared by Climate Risk Institute and Risk Sciences International for the International Aluminium Institute.