PUBLIC REVIEW CLOSED: Reference Document on Carbon Footprint Calculations of Aluminium Scrap

International Aluminium Institute’s reference document on how to treat scrap flows in carbon footprint calculations for aluminium products

This public review has been closed now. Many thanks to all reviewers for taking the time to read the document and send comments. Over 130 comments were received, which will now be reviewed and if approved integrated into the document.  

Thank you for participating in the public review for the International Aluminium Institute on how to calculate the cradle-to-gate carbon footprint of aluminium products containing recycled aluminium. In 2022, the IAI published Guidelines on Transparency that state that when reporting the cradle-to-gate carbon footprint of products that contain scrap there should be full transparency on the methodology used for the carbon footprint calculation.

This reference document, summarising all potential approaches, should serve aluminium producers to disclose the methodology they are using to calculate the carbon footprint of their products in a transparent way. This document is based on a research project executed by life cycle assessment and eco-design consultancy Solinnen for IAI on the same topic.