Aluminium: Flexible and Light – Towards Sustainable Cities

Towards Sustainable Cities is a research programme, quantifying the in-use benefits of aluminium in architecture and the built environment. 

Aluminium: Flexible and Light is the fourth report in the Towards Sustainable Cities series. It takes an in-depth look at the light quality of aluminium which may appear to be less obviously apparent in the architecture and the built environment when compared to aerospace and transportation.

Lightness is considered in two ways – firstly, in that it provides high-performance components, such as windows and curtain walling that are light in weight. And secondly, visually, providing an architecture that is light and slender to look at. 

Funded by the International Aluminium Institute [IAI], the programme was undertaken by Michael Stacey Architects with KieranTimberlake and the Architecture and Tectonics Research Group [ATRG] of The University of Nottingham, UK.

Other publications in the series include: Aluminium and Durability, Aluminium Recyclability and Recycling, Aluminium Life Cycle Thinking, and Aluminium: Sympathetic & Powerful – all of which are available to download on the right.